A2Z offers 2 Directors who are experienced in specialised Fx systems that are exclusive to the Middle East.

Rob Bannochie (Director) With over 30 Years experience as a Creative & Director in Commercial, Feature, Program & Music Videos in Europe, South Africa, USA & Middle East. Credits include: Martini, Spies like Us, Daily Star, Smarties, ExxonMobil, Saudi Ministry of Water, Mohammed Moniur, Mcdonalds, General Motors, Xerox.

Mike Connor (Director/Cameraman) With over 35 years experience in the Feature Film & Commercials market specialising in Visual FX. Credits include: Gorillas in the Mist, Midnight Express,Chariots of Fire, Alfa Romeo, Saab, Ford, Fiat, British Airways.

Inji Yossef (Managing Director) An international producer with 10 years of marketing and event management experience.